thanks god ^-^. my mother back to home

I'm sorry everybody because I'm don't update my blog. because my mother must treated in hospital. I'm very cry. my mother treated in hospital since wednesday.

I'm not focus again in my lecture. I'm very sad. every day I'm see my mother in hospital. my mother better. I'm very happy.

not only my mother treated my sister sick also. and my sister see happy. i'm confused why she happy. was she want eated fruit .wkwkwkww

but mother back again to home. I'm very happy...

thanks god.... ^-^

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ReAD moRe

my mother is sick. oh..dear.... T_T

yesterday morning. at that time. rains ret my city, padang city. hard rains. so i am thing maybe I will not lecture.

but I am wrong. rains stop. and i wiil leture. in university many people do not lecture. so situation is very quiet .

I am until labortarium. my class will pratice my lecture about my study.

in subjects. I am feel very tired. i'm don't know. why it? but i'm attempt focus until my lecture over.. and my first lecture over.

and wiil next to my second lecture. and stiil about my study...and now i'm feel very tired .

maybe my energy already in use in my first lecture.but my teacher not come.spontaneous I'm feel very happy.wkwkwkwkwk.

and me and my friend wiil play game playstation.maybe with it my feel fresh again..

and after play game. I'm come to home. but i'm suprices because my mother face is pale.

I'm don't now what happen?but I'm told mt mother to rest does not move much.. and take medicineand i'm change all home duties. until my mother health again as usual.

i'm hope my mother again as usual. i hope it

i'm wait you comment^^

ReAD moRe

hy I'm vicky

helllo my friends....
how are you today?hopefully in good condition

this first post in this blog

I'm introduce myslef: my name is vicky

live dipadang (more precisely in the house. wkwkwkwk)

about me.

I am indifferent. many if not still talk to. and usually a lot of talk from the gathering. many intropeksi and improvisation. so it can be better.

I most of the time I spend in the internet world. good blogging and chat to share stories.

often do more than just silent.
and also including the talented field of computers.
I like playing football. badminton. table tennis. play PS2 with my friends ...

What do I tell? . I am a cheerful person tuh. full of dreams that I will achieve. I want to happpynies my parents. because so many errors that I do to them.

that about me.

name: vicky mahendra
born: the. indonesia
age: 19 years
address: komplek gando permai blok h number 1

and this is my sister

sinde puspita is her name. she is working. hopefully in the course of this year he married. yes . hope it

and this is my sister

she will be the test end senin tomorrow I hope that prayer works?

This is my little sister

funny huh? he is still class 1. he is clever and the computer. great is not it?

hopefully introduce this approach we are increasingly ... ^ ^

nice to meet you from vicky

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ReAD moRe

welcome to my blog...

welcome to my blog guyz....

i am hope you very happy in my blog. this blog abouyt my life...something happy something sad.

enjoy here...


ReAD moRe

About this blog

I'm create this blog to explain my life.. something happy something sad. and to speaking english lenguage.
enjoy for this blog^^